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Concept of Operations:
   By adhering to this concept of operations, Clay County Center for Veterans, Inc. aims to be a beacon of hope and support for veterans. A lifeline for veterans that offers not only essential resources and support but also a caring community that actively works to protect the mental health and well-being of those who have served our nation by helping them transition to civilian life, develop new skills, build lasting relationships, and lead fulfilling and independent lives.


Purpose Statement:

   Clay County Center for Veterans, Inc. ("Center" or CCCV) is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable purposes to promote the welfare of Veterans under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. CCCV is further classified as a private foundation within the meaning of Section 509(a).


Mission Statement:

   The mission of the Center is to provide comprehensive support and resources to veterans in a safe, alcohol and smoke-free environment. We aim to enhance their overall well-being, promote educational and vocational growth, foster a sense of community among veterans, and actively work to prevent social isolation and suicide.


Vision Statement:

   Our vision is to become the premier veterans' support organization, offering a welcoming central location for veterans to access vital resources, gain new skills, build lasting connections with their peers, and find a lifeline of support during challenging times.



  • To create a safe, supportive, and inclusive space for veterans.

  • To maintain a smoke and alcohol-free facility.

  • To offer a computer lab for educational and vocational development.

  • To provide limited emergency resources for veterans in need.

  • To offer veteran-specific educational opportunities.

  • To organize social, fitness, and respite programs.

  • To actively promote and support suicide prevention efforts within the veteran community


Target Audience:

   Our primary beneficiaries are veterans and their caregivers of all ages and backgrounds who require support in various aspects of their lives, including support groups, veteran-specific information, social integration, emergency assistance, and mental health.


Facility and Resources:

  • Location: A centrally located facility easily accessible to veterans.

  • Computer Lab: Equipped with computers, internet access, and educational software.

  • Emergency Resources: Limited financial assistance for basic needs such as food, housing, and transportation.

  • Educational Opportunities: Workshops, courses, and support groups tailored to veterans' needs.

  • Social and Fitness Areas: Spaces for group activities, meetings, and fitness equipment.

  • Respite Area: A quiet and comfortable area for relaxation and self-care.

  • No Alcohol or Smoking: A strict no-alcohol and no-smoking policy is enforced throughout the facility.


Programs and Services:

  • Computer Lab Usage: Veterans can access computers and receive technical assistance for job searches, resume building, and online courses.

  • Emergency Assistance: Limited financial aid, food, and transportation for veterans facing immediate crises.

  • Educational Opportunities: Veteran-specific workshops, vocational training, and educational resources.

  • Social Activities: Regularly scheduled events to promote camaraderie and combat social isolation.

  • Fitness Programs: Exercise classes, gym access, and wellness initiatives.

  • Respite Area: A quiet space for relaxation, meditation, and personal reflection.

  • Suicide Prevention: Collaborative efforts with mental health professionals and veteran organizations to actively promote mental health awareness and provide resources for veterans in crisis.


Operating Procedures:

  • Veterans and their caregivers can access our facility during specified operating hours.

  • Registration will be required to track attendance and participation.

  • Emergency assistance requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and documentation may be required.

  • Educational programs are offered in collaboration with local educational institutions or through online resources.

  • Social and fitness events are planned and advertised in advance to encourage participation.

  • Suicide prevention resources and counseling services are actively promoted.

Community Partnerships:

   We collaborate with government agencies, veteran service organizations, educational institutions, mental health organizations, and other veteran supporting nonprofits to expand our reach and provide veterans with a broader range of services.



   The Center relies on donations, grants, and fundraising events to support its operations, including suicide prevention initiatives. All financial transactions are transparent and subject to auditing.


Monitoring and Evaluation:

   Regular assessments are conducted to measure the effectiveness of our programs and services, with a particular focus on mental health outcomes. Feedback from veterans and stakeholders is actively sought and used to improve our offerings.


Volunteers and Staff:

    A dedicated team of volunteers and staff members, including veterans, manages the day-to-day operations and ensures a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.


Public Awareness:

    We actively promote our services through outreach, marketing, and community engagement efforts to ensure that all eligible veterans are aware of and can access our resources, including suicide prevention support.


Sustainability and Growth:

    The Center is committed to long-term sustainability and growth, continuously seeking opportunities to expand its services and impact within the veteran community. It strongly emphasizes preventing social isolation and suicide among veterans.



Our Programs


Veteran's Resilience and Wellness Prigram -

The Veterans' Resilience and Wellness Program (VRWP) is designed to address the mental health challenges faced by veterans and their families through a holistic approach that combines social engagement, physical activity, mental health awareness, and essential support services. 


The program aims to prevent suicide by fostering a sense of camaraderie, combating social isolation, and providing a supportive environment for veterans in crisis.


Veteran Unity Program - 

The Veterans Unity Program (VUP) is a comprehensive support network for veterans and their families. Our mission is to foster a sense of community and provide valuable knowledge and resources. We collaborate with local resource providers, gather up-to-date information on services, benefits, and opportunities.


Through support groups, knowledge-sharing, and education, we address specific needs, offering guidance and assistance. Our goal is to improve veterans' well-being by providing necessary support and creating a strong network locally and beyond.

Veteran Tech Hub -

The Veterans Tech Hub Program aims to provide free computer access, scanning, faxing, and technical assistance to veterans and their families. Host educational and job training classes.

This program is designed to support job searches, skills and resume building, and online courses, empowering veterans and their families with essential digital skills. 


Join us in paying tribute to Veterans by riding with purpose.
Fundraising Goal: $12,000


Phone: (904) 658-0105 or (904) 463-6981 

POC: Jess Polvikoski


Trail Riders United for Veterans

Pre-registration is $40 per day (ends April 5). Post-registration is $50 per day 


Link to register:


Trail Riders Uniting for Veterans Fundraiser

Join us in paying tribute to veterans by riding with purpose.
Pre-registration is $40 per day (ends April 5th). Post-registration is $50 per day. NO LUNCH incl

When: April 6 & 7 (PROMO CODE: VET FOR 10% Veteran discount)

Pre-register at:

Where: Keystone Killer Loop – one-way, very technical course, intermediate to advanced riders only, NOT A BEGINNER COURSE. 5.2 miles east of Keystone Heights off Hwy 100 29°45'41.9"N 81°58'17.6"W or 7966 Ranchette Rd

Why: All proceeds go to the non-profit Clay County Center for Veterans, Inc. (CCC4VETS) whose mission is to provide comprehensive support and resources to veterans and their families to enhance their overall well-being, promote educational and vocational growth, foster a sense of community among veterans, and actively work to prevent social isolation and suicide. EIN: 93-1505615

Camping: No RVs or camping on site.
Camping available at the Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park, Keystone Heights RV Resort, Gainesville RV Park, & Starke / Gainesville NE KOA Holiday
• Gates open at 6:30 - $10 gate fee
• Volunteers arrive: 7:00am (lunch provided)
• Rider registration: 8:30am – 9:30am. Limited to 50 riders per day. Riders are requested to pre-register. Waivers to be signed during on-property registration. No cost to non-riders.
• Safety brief: 9:30am
• NO LUNCH for participants
• Event riding: 10am – 2pm
• Saturday evening course reset: 2:30pm – completion

Fundraising Goal: $12,000
Phone: (904) 658-0105 or (904) 463-6981
POC: Jess Polvikoski

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