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Veterans Council Clay County Florida, Inc

Taking Care of Veterans

Veterans Council of Clay County Florida wants to spread our message of taking care of Veterans and their Families. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the welfare of Veterans, and that collective action can greatly impact our community.

Strategic Goals:

  • Champion Center for Veterans

  • Conduct Fundraising Activities

  • Increase Communications and Veteran Knowledge

  • Cultivate Partnerships

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Who we are

Vision: To take care of Veterans and their families: we must always keep the faith with them

Mission: To promote unified actions amongst Veteran supporting organizations to promote the welfare of Veterans in Clay County for our 30,000-plus local Veterans

Purpose: Veterans Council Clay County Florida, Inc. (the "Council", "VCCCF, Inc." or "corporation") is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable purposes to promote the welfare of Veterans under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code."

Meetings held once a month on the first Wednesday at 11:00 and are hosted by American Legion Post 250 at

 2608 Black Creek Drive, Middleburg, FL 32068

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Board of Directors (2024 - 2025)


Ansil Lewis, SgtMaj, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired)


An invaluable part of the Veterans Council Clay County Florida, Inc., Ansil Lewis has witnessed significant growth within the VCCCF. With 30 plus years of service and a gregarious and welcoming personality, Ansil Lewis' leadership enabled the many Veteran Service Organizations to feel welcomed and heard as members.  He offers a unique skill-set that ensures an undeniable impact on the Clay County Veteran Community.

John Ruark, U. S. Navy, (Retired)

Vice President

Words cannot describe the role that "Big John" Ruark has had in ensuring the success of the Veterans Council Clay County Florida Inc. His service, not only to the Navy as a serviceman but also as a Navy Civilian spanned 40 years. His clear communications with member organizations means that he is one of our greatest assets in listening to the pressing needs of Veterans.

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Larry Brown_edited.jpg

Larry Brown, U. S. Navy, PO1 (Retired)


A new member of the organization, Larry Brown brings a calm and caring demeanor coupled with his 20 years of service.  His extensive skills and knowledge are invaluable to the success of the mission.  He is excited to begin the journey and take care of Veterans.

Jessica Polvikoski, Major, Florida Army National Guard, (Retired)


With the organization for several years, Jessica Polvikoski is one of our veteran members and has played a critical role in shaping our mission and projects. She brings 32 years of military experience and skills in helping VCCCF grow and make a measurable impact.

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Harry Silvers, U. S. Marine Corps and U. S. Navy, (Retired)

Chairman (2018 - 2022)
President Emeritus

An invaluable part of VCCCF, Harry Silvers has witnessed the continued evolution of the organization from the start. His 20 years of military experience enhanced his ability to stay the course and his loyalty and dedication to the mission ensured the organization survived COVID.  As Past President, his service continues as he advises the organization on the path forward.

Member Organizations

As of June 10, 2024​

  • American Legion Post 250

  • American Legion Post 373

  • Clay County Center for Veterans, Inc

  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter 38

  • Fleet Reserve Association Branch 126

  • Here Tomorrow

  • Operation Barnabas

  • Operation Lifeline, Inc.

  • U.S. Marine Corps League General Roy. S. Geiger Detachment 1047

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1988

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8255

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8255, Auxiliary

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8255, Riders Group

  • Associate Members:

    • Senior Helpers​

    • NE Florida YMCA

  • ADHOC: Mission United and Liberty Life    

Veteran 2021 Census 2021 Clay County Veterans

17.6% of Clay County Population are Veterans

38.8% are Gulf War (9/2001or later) Veterans

45.2% are Gulf War (8/1990 - 8/2001) Veterans

21.6% are Vietnam Era Veterans

2.4% are Korean War and World War II

85.7% are Male

14.3% are Female

Timeline 2019 - 2023


Timeline 2008 - 2019

Clay County Veterans Council (CCVC) was founded in 2008 by Gary Newman, President, VVA Chapter 1059; V. Paul Haws, Jr, Vice President, VVA Chapter 1059; Sid Sewell (Deceased), Member, VVA Chapter 1059; Bill Hansen, Commander, VFW Post 5968 (Deceased); and Steve Snyder, Commander, VFW Post 8255 because of a tepid response from for Clay County Officials during an initial meeting about two main issues: 1) Vacant County Veterans Service Officer (VSO) and 2) the needed relocation of the County VSO office.


Within weeks of organizational founding, a second meeting with Clay County Officials was held and when confronted with a formal united organizational front initiated action to immediately fill the vacant VSO position and relocate the VSO office to Green Cove. The Clay County Veterans Council again addressed vacant VSO positions in 2013 and championed a Veterans Health Clinic in Clay County with the Veterans Administration and Congressional representatives - which opened in 2020.


By the end of June 2013, the CCVC published the organizational By-Laws, and was established as a Non-Profit Service Organization. 


Information provided by V. Paul Haws Jr, CAPT, U. S. Navy (Retired)

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